Why does the brushing crew cut down so many trees and bushes?
Vegetation removal / tree trimming is performed in a 10-year cycle. It is done for the following purposes:

1. Maintain and improve sight distance for the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic

2. Reduce and remove hazard trees and vegetation near the roads that can obstruct the traveled way or waterways with fallen trunks, branches, or debris.

3. Maintain and improve a fire clearance break suitable to allow ingress and egress during fire events and to reduce wildfire spread across the County Roads.

4. Increase sunlight exposure to reduce ice build up on pavements.

The Brushing Crew strives to accomplish vegetation removal with minimal long term costs to the maintenance budget.

They confine the clearing to County Road rights of way OR they acquire Rights of Entry where necessary. Before clearing is performed, research is done in the office to determine if the County has right of way along a given road, or if a letter granting the Right of Entry is on file. If neither is true, then a letter is sent to each affected landowner requesting a Right of Entry for brushing purposes.

Before any brushing is performed, notification is sent to each landowner along the affected section of road.

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