What can I do to help reduce the amount of plastic entering the compost facility?
Plastic in the compost facility is a concern because (1) it does not decompose and, even after going through the composting process, ends up in the landfill; (2) requires time to handle that could be spent on other tasks; and, (3) can damage the equipment. You can help to reduce plastic waste by: using reusable shopping bags; carrying water in reusable containers rather than plastic water bottles; using a water filter on your faucet rather than buying bottled water; putting your trash directly into your trash cans or dumpster, rather than into plastic bags; using reusable picnic and party/picnic plates, cups & flatware rather than Styrofoam; buying products made from recycled plastic or gently used products at thrift stores; urging manufacturers to reduce their use of plastic and Styrofoam packaging materials. Search “reduce plastic” on-line for many other ideas.

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