How can I bail someone out of jail?
Bail is generally set at the time of booking. The bail amount for a given inmate may change during the court process. You may call the jail at any time to determine the current bail for a given inmate. There are two ways to make bail. You may bring the FULL AMOUNT of the bail in cash or cashier's check to the jail. Once the subject fulfils their court appearance responsibilities, the court will arrange to refund the entire amount to you. Alternatively you may contact a bail bond agency. Bond agencies will typically require a percentage of the bail amount (typically 10% - 15%) as a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, plus some type of security against the bond. In addition, a bonds person will want someone who is not incarcerated to "co-sign" the bond. They will then post the bond for you. In either case once the bond is posted the arrestee will be released from jail immediately. A partial listing of local bond agents is available on the Facility home page.

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