What is Megan's Law?
In short, Megan’s Law allows the public access to information about the identity of registered sex offenders and allows law enforcement agencies to notify communities of the presence of sex offenders (under certain circumstances.) This law was named in honor of Megan Kanka, a 7 year old girl from Hamilton Township New Jersey who was raped and murdered by a twice-convicted child molester who was unknown in Megan’s neighborhood.

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1. What is Megan's Law?
2. What is a sex offender?
3. What is Sex Offender Registration?
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8. Is the Information Available from My Local Law Enforcement Agency Accurate?
9. What Information Do I Need to View the Megan's Law Data?
10. If I Have an Address Where I Suspect an Offender Lives, Can the Megan's Law Data Confirm My Suspicion?
11. When Are Sex Offenders Required to Register?
12. Is it a Crime if a Sex Offender Does Not Register
13. I Know of a Sex Offender Who Did Not Register When He/She Recently Moved to a New Location. What Should I Do?