What does the inspector do?
The inspector checks the work that is being done for compliance with the approved plans and applicable codes and ordinances. They will inspect each phase of the job and will approve it before the next part of the job begins. The job card lists the inspections which must be made on your project. As each inspection is made and approved, the job card will be signed and dated. On new construction the inspection might follow this pattern:

a. Under slab electrical/plumbing

b. Foundation, ufer ground & setbacks

c. Bond Beam

d. Under floor framing/plumbing

e. Under floor insulation

f. Roof Nailing

g. Rough framing, electrical, plumbing & mechanical

h. Insulation

i. Sheetrock Nail

j. Final interior/exterior gas test

k. Blue tag service when riser/panel is in place.

l. Final on project

* Temporary power service when panel and riser in place - GFI only for construction power.

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