District Attorney

About the District Attorney

The Office of the District Attorney was established by the Constitution of the State of California, Government Code Section 26500, to provide prosecution and enforcement services in adult and juvenile criminal matters.

California law provides the District Attorney’s most essential duty is prosecuting criminal offenses on behalf of the People.


The District Attorney’s Office represents the people of the State of California in all criminal prosecutions in Mariposa County. The Office is responsible for filing criminal charges, appearing in court in all felony and misdemeanor cases, and representing the people in all trials and sentencing proceedings in the courts of Mariposa County.

Mission Statement

Our mission as the Mariposa County District Attorney’s Office is to keep Mariposa County a safe place for citizens to live and work. To accomplish the mission of ensuring a safe community, the following goals have been established:

  • Ensure the fair, impartial, and expeditious pursuit of justice
  • Protect the rights of victims
  • Reduce crime by efficient enforcement of criminal laws

Our office works with every component of the criminal justice system and the community to protect the innocent, to convict and appropriately punish the guilty, and to protect the rights of victims and witnesses.