Without our Citizen Volunteers the Mariposa County Sheriff's Department would not be what it is today. We at the Sheriff's Department and in the Community take our hat's off to these fine dedicated Volunteers that are making a difference in their community.

SCOPE (Sheriff's Community Organized Policing Effort)

SCOPE Officer in front of vehicle

The SCOPE program is comprised of adult volunteers who assist with the many administrative duties and non-enforcement related patrol functions. Members perform vacation house checks, present crime prevention programs and conduct high visibility patrols. These local citizens work with uniformed patrol officers to enhance the community awareness of positive law enforcement. If you would like to become a SCOPE member please contact Captain Sterling Cramer or any SCOPE Member and fill out the application at 209-966-3615.

Sheriff's Posse

The Mariposa Sheriff’s Posse is a volunteer group of dedicated members whose focus is to serve the community on the behalf of the Sheriff’s Department assisting in public relations, education, emergency, and disaster services as needed.

Currently there are two main teams within the Posse:

Mounted Unit Team.  Team members, as well as their mounts, have underwent training and certification processes. Typical assignments are providing education to the community and assisting the department with providing a presence at special events and parades.  

Large Animal Evacuation Team.  Team members may be assigned to any aspects of  securing, transportation, feed and care of large animals due to a fire or other deemed emergency.  They may also be called upon to assist first responders in the rescue of large animals that may be trapped due to a traffic accident or a predicament that may necessitate the use of specialized equipment. 

Our Posse members contribute their volunteer time, the use of their horses and equipment in order to support these efforts.

If you would like additional information on the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Posse, please contact Brian Lunquist at 209-966-3615.

Qualifications for Posse:

  • Complete and submit an application (see fillable PDF) and pass background check.
  • Provide three references.
  • Have a valid California Driver’s License.
  • Pass a Departmental background check including a Live Scan.
  • Provide their own mount, equipment and transportation. 
  • Have annual qualifications on various levels of proficiency set by the Department.   
  • Pass an annual trailer driving/backing/maneuvering qualification set by the Department.

To apply to be part of our team- POSSE APPLICATION

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Search team on rocks

Ready to assist in any emergency, under various types of conditions, the Search and Rescue Team is a highly trained group of volunteers. Because the county is diverse in terrain, members have the skills and knowledge to rescue persons in the white water of the local rivers, off the cliffs and mountains and in the back country of several National Forests. Parts of the Search and Rescue Team are also trained in Dive Rescue and Cliff Rescue. Many of the situations encountered by Search and Rescue require personnel to have a strong emergency, medical and technical background. Search and Rescue members respond quickly to emergencies, epitomizing the meaning of team work. If you would like to become a member of this highly specialized team please contact Sergeant Tim Rumfelt at 209-966-3615

Reserve Deputies

These dedicated volunteers donate their time as Deputy Sheriff's. Each has put in multiple hours of training both with the Department and local College to become a Reserve Deputy. While working these Reserves have full Peace Officer powers. The Reserve Deputies help provide needed support for the Law Enforcement branch of the Department. They assist in normal patrol duties and are always available for any needed support that Patrol might need. If you would like to become a Reserve Deputy please contact Sergeant Jeff Totten at 209-966-3615.