Adult Detention Facility

General Information The Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility is a Type II facility operated in accordance with applicable federal and state law. The jail is a division of the Mariposa County Sheriff's office. Many questions about the jail and incarcerated person life may be answered by visiting the FAQ section of the County Home Page. This section is located under E-Services, and departments are sorted alphabetically.

No information regarding incarcerated person movement, including court dates, medical, and dental appointments will be released by facility staff. No personal items for incarcerated person of any kind, including clothing, will be accepted at the facility (except prescription medication in the original container). Incarcerated persons reporting for court ordered commitments should not bring personal items (except prescription medication in the original container). Facility staff will not recommend or refer bail bond agents. A partial listing of local agents may be found on the Public Information link on this page.

Questions about jail operations, policies and procedures may be referred to the Captain's Office at the jail.