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The Mariposa County District Attorney’s Office is committed to helping victims of crime through our Victim/Witness Assistance Program. This program informs victims of their legal rights and provides services such as:

  • Assistance and Filing Victims of Crime Claim Form- Assisting victim in submitting necessary application forms to receive compensation for crime related expenses
  • Case Status and Disposition Information- Notifying victim of the status of their case and the current disposition
  • Community Resource and Counseling Referral- Directing victims to community resources which can be of further assistance
  • Court Escort and Support- Accompanying victims or witnesses to court
  • Crisis Intervention- Counseling, reassurance and support following the crime
  • Emergency Assistance- Meeting immediate needs of victim such as food, clothing and lodging
  • Orientation to the Criminal Justice System- Explaining the criminal justice system including information about their individual case
  • Restitution Information- Helping to obtain court ordered restitution from the convicted offender(s)

Through partnership with local, state, and federal agencies we work to provide services to crime victims throughout Mariposa County.

Victims’ Bill of Rights - Marsy’s Law


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