Code Compliance Advisory Committee

On June 8, 2021, the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors established a new Code Compliance Advisory Committee.  The primary purposes of the committee are to 1) develop recommendations to the Board for an effective code compliance process and program, and 2) develop recommendations for innovative public policy and programs that address residents’ needs while also mitigating alleged violations.  The committee is also to 3) support work of staff in the conduct of fact finding and data gathering, and 4) provide periodic assessment and evaluation of and feedback to the Board regarding the success of an amended process and program. 

Amnesty Programs, RV'S and Tiny Homes, and Community Education (research-other jurisdictions progams)

Part 1-Amnesty Programs in Other Jurisdictions

Part 2- City of Oakland's RV Program 

Part 3- DRAFT Educational Brochures

Resources (COMMITTEE HOMEWORK) (October 2021) 

Part I - Existing County Codes Establishing Compliance Requirements

Part 2 - Uniform Procedures for Complaints

Part 3 - Compliance Handouts

Part 4 - Sample Correspondence / Compliance and Forms

Part 5 - Appeals Information / Forms

Part 6 - Mariposa County Code Compliance Information

Part 7 - Brown Act Requirements

Part 8 - Public Records Act (PRA) Requirements


Correspondence 2021

Committee Members

Agendas & Minutes