Coulterville / Greeley Hill Rabies Clinics

2021 Rabies Clinic General Information- 

Annual Low Cost Rabies Clinic to be held in Coulterville on March 6, 2021. Clinics will be CASH ONLY. 

Dogs and Cats 9am -11am, please keep your dogs on leashes and cats in carriers at all times. $10.00 (not including the license fee) please bring proof of prior vaccinations and spay/neuter if applicable. 
A skunk in the area has recently tested positive for rabies, in order to assist animal owners a large animal vaccination clinic will also take place on the same day. Large Animals (Horses, Cows, Pigs, Sheet, Etc.) 11am -12pm. $20.00. Please lease your animals in your trailer and accessible through the trailer door or window. 
See flyer for additional details.
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