Please contact the Jail if you need more information regarding the status of visitation at (209) 966-3616

Visiting Schedules

Incarcerated Persons are allowed one-hour block of visiting per week. They are allowed to split this into 15 or 30 minute blocks to have multiple visits. The exact schedule of visiting times is based on where the incarcerated person is housed and housing classification. Visiting will start on the hour only. Visitors should be prompt. Due to limited space, visiting will be on a first come, first served basis. Contact visits are not allowed under any circumstances. Those incarcerated persons sentenced to prison may have a special visit outside of their normal visiting day. Requests must be made to the jail captain or jail supervisor on duty. Visitors (or their children) who do not follow facility rules will be ejected from the visiting rooms.

All Visiting Conversations, Except for Legal Visits, Are Subject to Monitoring and Recording.

  • A Block - Sunday 1300 - 1600
  • B Block - Saturday 1300 - 1600
  • C Block - Friday 1300 - 1600
  • D Block - Wednesday 1300 - 1600
  • E Block - Sunday 0900 - 1100
  • F Block - Saturday 0900 - 1100

Mondays are reserved for Administrative Separation Incarcerated Persons. Times are varied and shall be scheduled by the Jail Staff. High-Profile incarcerated persons shall be required to submit a list of approved visitors.

Visiting Rules

  1. All visitors must wear shoes and shirts. No bare midriffs, low cut tops, mini-skirts, see-through clothing or wearing of "colors".
  2. All visitors must have a valid photo I.D. A driver’s license, state I.D. card or passport are acceptable forms of identification.
  3. Minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian unless the person they are visiting is their parent or spouse. All minor children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. People convicted of Felonies will not be permitted to visit.
  5. No more than 2 visitors at one time.
  6. No smoking is allowed. Visitors caught smoking will be expelled from the building.
  7. Children must stay with an adult and be kept under control.
  8. Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to visit and may be subject to arrest.
  9. No purses, bags, diaper bags, briefcases or strollers may be brought in by visitors.
  10. Cellular phones, audio or video recording devices are not allowed in visiting. Bringing a wireless communication device into the secure area of the jail is a crime. Possession of such a device while inside the jail may lead to arrest.