Rules Of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

Facility rules are for the protection of the rights and safety of inmates while in custody. Any violation of the rules will result in loss/restriction of privileges and/or criminal prosecution. Inmates are expected to be responsible and display good behavior at all times. If they choose not to obey the rules, they will be disciplined and housed in an area with few, if any, privileges.

While in jail, it is important that all inmates act in a way that promotes the safe, orderly and efficient operation of the facility. They are required to be courteous, fair, to follow the rules, to keep themselves and their sleeping areas clean and to use common sense. Any infraction of good behavior may result in disciplinary action and loss of privileges.

Rules & Discipline

The rules are divided into three groups: major, moderate and minor. Discipline is also based on the past behavior of the inmate. Rules shall be determined to be violated whether actually completed or attempted. There are several types of discipline which are used, including the following:

  1. Lockdown with loss of commissary, visiting and phone privileges
  2. Loss of good time or work time credits
  3. Re-housing in Administrative Segregation
  4. Restitution for damages
  5. Removal from special programming (i.e. work furlough or weekend sentence)
  6. Temporary loss of privileges (TV, commissary, visiting, phone, correspondence)

Mariposa County Detention Facility is a no smoking facility. Any tobacco product, lighters and/or matches are considered contraband possession of which is an infraction punishable by fine.