Merced River Trail Community Working Group

Purpose and Authority

To formulate, design, implement and participate in a public stakeholder engagement program to ensure appropriate participation by the development of the Merced River Trail Master Plan;  

Provide technical expertise in topic areas germane to the Merced River Trail Master Plan, including but not limited to: the trail’s regulatory context; trail construction and maintenance; existing trail conditions; right of way acquisition; environmental conservation, including wildlife habitat and water quality issues; public health advocacy and promotion; cultural interpretation and conservation; community design and aesthetics; and trail programming;

Support the work of staff and consultants in the conduct of fact finding and data gathering necessary to (1) identify and negotiate significant coordinative and logistical hurdles in achieving the trail; (2) recommend projects, programs, and policies needed to efficiently implement the community’s vision for the trail; and (3) ultimately realize the recommendations contained in the Merced River Trail Master Plan;  

Provide periodic assessment, evaluation of, and feedback to the Board of Supervisors regarding the success of the Merced River Trail Master Plan.



Agendas and Minutes