Juvenile Hall

The Mariposa County Juvenile Hall is a special purpose 96-hour detention facility for youth who have committed offenses prior to their eighteenth birthday. The detention facility is part of the Probation Department and operates under the authority and regulations of the Welfare and Institutions Code, Penal Code and the California Code of Regulations. The Chief Probation Officer is the local authority of the Special Purpose Juvenile Hall. The Superintendent, or designee, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the facility and its employees.

Youth who are arrested, and not released by law enforcement agencies, are delivered into the Probation Officer's custody at Juvenile Hall. The intake officer will complete a detention risk assessment, which is a tool designed to assist the officer in determining the need to keep a youth in custody, pending further investigation or court proceedings. Due to the special purpose designation of our facility, youth requiring detention are transported to another full-service juvenile detention facility. Currently, Mariposa County has contracts with Tuolumne, Madera and Kern County Juvenile Halls to house our youth. While in Juvenile Hall, youth are provided with a healthy and safe environment that keeps them securely detained. Standards require a comprehensive program, which includes education, recreation, counseling, health and religious activities.