Court Ordered Programs

Court ordered programs are specific programs mandated by the Court for offenders of a certain law violations to enroll and complete. Below are list of the few programs that Mariposa County Superior Court requires:

Pre-Trial Diversion:
Pre-Trial Diversion is an alternative prosecution that allows certain offenders of drug violations to complete a drug and alcohol program while suspending current criminal proceedings: If the offender is successful in their diversion program and have had no new law violations in the time frame allotted, the case can be petitioned for dismissal. If the offender is not successful in their diversion program, the offender will then be requested to be seen before the judge again where a decision will be made in regards to continuing diversion or continuing with criminal proceedings.

Anger Management:
Anger Management is a program where you learn to recognize signs that you're becoming angry, and taking action to calm down and deal with the situation in a productive manner. These classes will teach you how to deal with the emotion, so that it does not lead to unnecessary sistations.

Batterer's Program:
Batterer's Program is a program that requires you to attend 52 weekly domestic violence classes. Some individuals who are convicted of certain California domestic violence offenses must complete this program as part of their terms and conditions of probation.

Child Endangerment Program:
Child Endangerment Program is a program that enhances your knowledge, skills and values by learning effective parenting methods through in-class presentations, videos, group interactions and discussions.

DUI Program:
DUI Program is a program that offers two separate versions (DUI and Multiple Offender) depending on the offense and prior DUI convictions. They both require persons of whom are convicted of a DUI to attend weekly sessions that teach you about the abuse of alcohol and dangers of drinking and driving.