Alternative Sentencing

Alternative sentencing is a type of sentence that allows the criminal justice courts to punish a defendant who has been convicted of committing an offence. 

Community Service:
Community Service is voluntary work intended to help people of the community. In some cases the Court may order a defendant to complete a certain amount of hours of community service in which they should have complete by a specific time period. Probation handles all community service based requests of the Court.

Probation Works Program (PWP) is typically used as a sanction for violation of probations but can also be used as a sentencing term for formal and summary Probation client's. Defendants are sentenced to complete a said amount of time in PWP which is served working at the Mariposa County Landfill.

Secure Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) is a transdermal alcohol testing system worn on the ankle that provides accountability and encourages compliance. If you have a case involving alcohol, the Court may place you on SCRAM to monitor your compliance before your sentencing takes place. SCRAM can also be used as sanction when someone has violated their terms and conditions of their probation.  

Electronic monitoring (EM) is a GPS ankle monitor used primarily for home detention sentencing purposes in lieu of custody.