Use this Website

The website has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. Our goal is to make information available to everyone in an easy to find format, and to provide services that increase community engagement and transparency. To achieve this end, many useful tools have been built into the website.

A NOTE ABOUT Mobile Responsiveness -

The information presented on is responsive to mobile devices – which means it shrinks or enlarges to fit the viewer’s screen. This resizing also means that getting around the website is a little different depending on whether you are viewing the website from a desktop computer or a mobile device. Every attempt has been made to identify the typical user experience depending on type of electronic device; however, please be aware that some devices may display slightly differently than what is explained here.

- The Homepage

The homepage for the County of Mariposa is designed to be the starting point for finding information about the County. On it, visitors will find breaking news, calendars, and links to information.

Graphic that displays the County logo and the words Mariposa County California

The homepage can be accessed by going to the web address of, or by clicking the image of the blue box that contains the County logo and the words “MARIPOSA COUNTY CALIFORNIA”. This box is located on the upper left-hand corner of every page on Computer Desktops and at the top of the screen on Mobile Devices.

- Mega Menu

Information on the website is broken down into five categories that are displayed in a “Mega Menu.” Those categories are:

Government - Information about county government and its operations
Our Community – Information and links that county residents might find useful
How do I...
- Answers to questions
Visitors - Information that is helpful to visitors
Doing Business - Information about doing business in the county


On desktop computers, the Mega Menu categories are listed in a white bar that runs across the top of every page on the website. Hovering your cursor over one of the categories will cause another menu with more information listed in that category to appear. Clicking on the menu name, or anything in the Mega Menu, will either open more choices or take you to the page.Image of Website Mega Menu


Mobile Mega Menu screen capture

Because of their smaller size, mobile devices present the Mega Menu differently. To open it, users must first select the single button at the top of the screen called simply “Menu.”

The five categories will now show. 

Small arrows displayed next to the categories (or any resulting text) means that there are more sub-choices.

Screenshot of Level 2 of the Mega Menu on a Mobile device

Back button screen shot

Click on a category to show subcategories or pages. Keep clicking on the appropriate link to narrow down your search until you get to what you want. Wording without an arrow will link directly to the appropriate page.

To move back through the Menu, select the “Back” option on the top left of the screen.

- Important Tools Icons

Users will also find six navigational buttons connecting to different services or information on every page of the website. The six buttons are:

Pay A Bill
This choice takes users to a landing page where they can choose which bill to pay. It is expected that this feature will grow as the County’s ability to process online payments grows.

Agendas & Minutes
The County uses an online service to make meeting information available to the public. This is where you will find that minutes, agendas and other related information.

Concerns & Requests
This feature allows users to report concerns or request a service. A user account is required if you wish to be kept up to date on progress or when the issue has been resolved. Users can also submit requests anonymously (without an account), but concerns submitted in this fashion will not be able to receive reply updates.

Current Conditions
This choice takes users to a current conditions page.

Most County buildings and parks may be reserved for private use (fees may apply.) Clicking on this option will allow users to choose a facility, check availability, and make reservations online.

Stay Connected
This option presents users with opportunities to sign up for various types of automated notifications including Emergency Alerts from the Sheriff’s Office.


On desktop computers, the Important Tools Icons are arranged in a horizontal line in a white bar at the bottom of each page.

Screenshot of Important Tools icons - desktop


On mobile devices, the icons look the same but they are arranged in a vertical line and are located about half-way down on the Home Page, and near the bottom on every other page.

- Popular Links News Flash and Calendar

Other important information that can be found on the website Home Page include:

News Flash –  
A News Flash feature called “News & Announcements” lists current news about the county. Arrows will show on the left and right, when there are more news articles than what can be displayed on the screen. To view past News Flash posts, select the “View All” link under the news headlines.

Calendar CaptureCalendar -  
A Calendar that lists upcoming meetings, as well as other important County government information events, can also be found on the Home Page. Users can read more information on an event by clicking on the circled date on the calendar, or by clicking on the “Read On” text under an item description. To view other dates or calendar information click the “View All” under the calendar and calendar headlines.

The News Flash and Calendar features are located about mid-way down the Home Page on both Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices.

- Search Bar

The search bar is located on every page of the website. It can be found near the top of the screen on both Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices.

Search Bar screenshot

To search for information, simply enter a phrase to be searched into the space that says "I'm Looking For..." and either hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard, or click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search text.

Tip: Realize that this search feature is looking through all of the website information that has been put up by all of the departments and commissions, etc. This represents tens of thousands of pages of information. Try to be fairly specific in your request. For instance, if you input just “agendas” when you want Board of Supervisors agendas you will receive thousands of results listed in no particular order. Asking for “Board of Supervisors agendas” on the other hand, will significantly narrow results to relevant information.


- USER Account

While creating a user account is not required to access information on the site, users may wish to create an account to allow access to subscription features, updates on reported concerns, and to provide a custom experience.

To create an account click on the “How Do I” option in the Mega Menu, then choose the appropriate option under the “Find”, “Register”, or “Sign Up” subcategory. You will be asked for basic contact information, will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and will need to respond to a security (I'm not a robot) verification.

Once registered, please check the associated E-mail account for an activation link to complete the process.

Research & other Assistance -

If you need help finding something on the website or with a technical issue, please contact the Clerk of the Board’s Office at 209.966.3222 or submit a Website Issue report.