Grand Jury Reports


The Grand Jury issues its final report each year in late June. The report is available to all county residents, and is delivered to the news media and to the heads of affected government agencies. Affected agencies are required to respond to the report findings and recommendations within 60 to 90 days. Those responses are also made available to the public.

The Grand Jury may release individual reports as they are completed during the year. Mariposa County Grand Jury reports are available at the County Library.




          Interim Reports:


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Older Reports


Grand Jury work is demanding. Rewards for Grand Jury work come mostly from increased knowledge of local government, the judicial system, and the satisfaction of making a worthwhile contribution to the improvement of Mariposa County government operations.

Final Report

At the end of its term, the Mariposa County Grand Jury issues a final report on whatever aspects of Mariposa County Government were investigated within its term. The final report will contain the findings of the investigation and recommendations for solutions to any problems found. The Mariposa County Board of Supervisors must comment upon the Grand Jury’s recommendations within 90 days of the report being issued.