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First Day of Work

Typically, the early part of your first day will be spent in completing New Employee Processing. This is one of the final steps before officially becoming a member of the County family. During this time, you will meet with someone from the Auditor's office and will receive County policies (many of which you will need to sign an acknowledgment of receipt) and will fill out the paperwork necessary to set-up things like direct deposits of your pay, benefits, etc.. 

What do I need to bring?

  • Social Security Card
  • Valid picture ID (driver’s license, US passport, or state issued ID)
  • Voided Check for direct deposit
  • Any other items that may have been requested of you.

Oath of Office

After filling out all of the Auditor's paperwork, you will be escorted to the County Clerk's Office where you will take the Oath of Office. Once that is completed, you will officially be a County employee!

ID Badge & Network Access 

Each position is different and some will require that you receive ID, building keys, or be given access to email or network systems. This is usually done on the department level by your supervisor.


If you have any questions about this, please contact the Human Resources Department at (209) 742-1379 or send an email to: