Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection entails regulating the quality of eggs, honey, and certain fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables, including farmer-direct marketing, monitoring conditions of nursery products, and the purity and viability of agricultural seed.

Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control

This program ensures compliance with California’s minimum standards regarding the quality and marketing of all produce commercially grown and/or marketed in the State to ensure that maturity, quality, labeling, and packaging standards are met for fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Direct Marketing regulation and Organic Program enforcement are part of a program that provides for local protection to growers, produce dealers, and consumers.

Egg Inspection

Retail egg dealers and egg packers are inspected to enforce state and federal health, quality, and grade standards to ensure that quality and labeling standards are met pertaining to eggs at both wholesale and retail levels.

Nursery Regulation

This program includes the inspection of the growing, propagation, production, and sale of nursery stock to ensure cleanliness from pests, properly labeled, and vigorous healthy viable plants for sale to the consumer, and prevent the spread of injurious pests through infested nursery stock.

Seed Regulation

Inspections are performed at the retail and wholesale establishments that sell seeds. Samples are drawn for germination and purity testing. Labeling is inspected for compliance with state requirements to ensure compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to identity, purity, and viability of agricultural and vegetable seed.