Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Requirements

Once your application for a Vacation Rental has been received from the Planning Department, The Health Department will require the following documents in order to process your application promptly:

The septic tank must have been inspected and pumped (if necessary) within the last three years. An inspection or “Pumper’s Report” certifying the tank and results of the flow test on the leachfield are required by a Certified Septic Pumper (PDF). Please note the approved occupancy number will be based on the design capacity of your septic system. New septic systems installed within the last three years "that are in working order" are exempt from testing requirements, as are Homes that are on Public Sewer Systems.

Drinking water analysis as listed on the Water Quality Monitoring Schedule (PDF) is required. Please note the required frequencies for testing before submitting results to ensure the tests have not expired. Here is a partial list of Certified Water Testing Laboratories (PDF). Homes that are on Public Water systems are exempt.

Looking to turn your house into a vacation rental?

This request form must now be used to request information regarding septic system sizing for vacation rentals and other changes in use. 

Please note that effective immediately if information is requested above just a copy of the septic as-built drawing or well completion report a fee of $84 will also be due prior to the requested service being completed.  Pay fee by CC

This includes but is not limited to the request for sizing of existing septic systems to verify the validity for future vacation rental applications, or number of occupants for such applications.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 209-966-2220