Mariposa County Wellness Center

wellness center is now open for in-person activities (mon & wed)


The Mariposa County Wellness Center aims to improve mental health and overall wellness. The Wellness Center provides a supportive and safe environment for participants who are 18 years and older. The Wellness Center provides social engagement as well as skill-building activities to address daily living, job skills, budgeting and creative expressions. Members of the Wellness Center receive group support, learn relaxation and stress management skills, and can attend community events and field trips. Members will have the opportunity to receive support, take classes, and/or teach a class (with permission and supervision) while meeting others on the path to improving the quality of their lives.

Wellness Center FAQ

LOCATION & HOURS OF OPERATION: The Wellness Center is open every Monday and Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (except on holidays) at the Family Services Center (FSC) at Mariposa County Health & Human Services Center, 5362 Lemee Lane, Mariposa, CA.

REQUIREMENTS: Membership is free! To become a member, individuals must be 18 years or older and complete the orientation packet in order to become familiar with our services and guidelines and agree to abide by them.

Calendar OF events:


For more information and planned activities, please call: 209-966-2000 or contact Mary Lee at 209-742-0990 or Rhonda Mays at 209-742-0810.

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