Strategic Plan

There are many forces pushing and pulling on our county every day. New regulations, grant opportunities, business opportunities, politics, natural disasters, the global economy and community events are just a few of the things demanding time and resources. Like taking a road trip without knowing your destination, operating without a plan leads to wherever these forces decide to take us.

In 2018, the Board directed staff to develop the County's first strategic plan. The plan acknowledges the reality of the forces around us, but defines our destination (vision), county government's role in reaching that destination (mission), how we will make decisions along the way (values), and tactical steps to achieve our goals (objectives). That plan is being updated in 2023.


2023 Update Process

On February 7, 2023, County Administrative Officer Dallin Kimble presented a strategic plan update to the Board of Supervisors. A community survey to better understand public perceptions of county services will be released in April. That objective, statistically significant data will be shared with the public through a series of town hall meetings to be held in July, August, and September. A draft plan update will be presented to the Board in the Fall of 2023 with the goal of adopting an updated plan by the end of the year.

Comments or questions on the process or the plan update itself can be directed to county administration.

Vision Statement: The Best Version of Ourselves

Current: Mariposa County is a thriving, scenic, historic and culturally vibrant rural community where residents, businesses and visitors enjoy opportunity, security, engagement, prosperity and wellness.

Alternative 1: Mariposa County is a world-class destination known for its scenic beauty, rich heritage, and welcoming hospitality; a place where residents, businesses and visitors enjoy health, prosperity, security, adventure, and a sense of community in a peaceful, rural setting. 

Alternative 2: Mariposa County is a safe place where beautiful open spaces, rural family values, collaboration of neighborhoods and communities, and opportunities for prosperity and wellness bring joy to the human experience.

Alternative 3: Mariposa County is a vibrant and family-friendly mountain community, the preferred gateway to Yosemite National Park, and a place where all people have opportunities to prosper. 

Alternative 4: Mariposa County is a vibrant and family-friendly mountain community; a world-class destination with scenic beauty, rich heritage, and welcoming hospitality; and a place where residents, businesses, and visitors enjoy health, prosperity, security, and adventure. 

Mission Statement: Our Role in Reaching Our Vision

To improve the quality of life in Mariposa County through active community engagement and the efficient delivery of outstanding public services.

Guiding Values: How We Will Do Business

Collaboration - We partner in our community and lead in our state.
Integrity - We do what is moral, ethical, legal, honest, fair, equitable and humane.
Sustainability - We meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.
Transparency - We are open, accountable and accessible to the public.
Excellence - We are effective, efficient, equitable and citizen-focused with a focus on constant improvement.

Mariposa County Strategic Communications Plan

In support of the Strategic Plan and in an effort to increase information flow to the public, a Strategic Communications Plan has been developed. In 2023 the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors approved the Mariposa County Strategic Communications Plan which will aim to guide County communications, with an emphasis on both internal and external communication practices. 

The full plan is available here.