County of Mariposa, Roads, Water and Wastewater Rate and Fee Study, 2017:

The following document, otherwise known as the Engineer’s Report, includes utility systems condition assessment along with current and proposed utility rates and fees for the following areas:

Utilities Service Connection Application

  • Coulterville Water and Wastewater Service Area
  • Don Pedro Wastewater Service Area
  • Mariposa Pines Wastewater Service Area
  • Yosemite West Roads
  • Yosemite West Water and Wastewater Service Area

Yosemite West Water / Wastewater Utility Refund Process

As a result of recent litigation Yosemite West Water and Wastewater Customers who would like to receive a refund in accordance with the culmination of litigation can apply for a refund by filing a claim using the standard Mariposa County Claim Form which can be located at the following link:  


 Revised Engineering Report NatureBridge

Yosemite West Engineering Report 2020

Full Engineering Report (PDF)

Coulterville 2018 Consumer Confidence Report

Yosemite West 2018 Consumer Confidence Report

Woodland 2018 Consumer Confidence Report

Public Works 2018 Consumer Confidence Report