Tree Mortality Information

Tree Mortality Task Force

The Tree Mortality Task Force is comprised of state and federal agencies, local governments, utilities, and various stakeholders that will coordinate emergency protective actions, and monitor ongoing conditions to address the vast tree mortality resulting from four years of unprecedented drought and the resulting bark beetle infestations across large regions of the State.

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Blue Ridge Services was selected by Mariposa County to oversee and manage the tree mortality mitigation project. Learn more about the Blue Ridge Services and the Mariposa County project and access weekly project updates.

Management Objectives

  • Ensure continuous communication among state, federal, and local governments, as well as with other non-governmental organizations assigned to the task force
  • Ensure efforts associated with the implementation of the directives contained in the Governor's State of Emergency Proclamation remain coordinated
  • Manage projects and programs in a financially responsible and efficient manner
  • Provide consistent and coordinated messaging between task force member agencies and the public
  • Provide for public health and safety of persons and property in identified high hazard zones

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Access documents related to the Tree Mortality Committee, and learn more about Blue Ridge Services and tree mortality.