Employer Information


Employers play a vital role in ensuring the financial and medical security of children by cooperating with the Mariposa County Department of Child Support Services. Thank you for your continued efforts!

Employers have 4 principal responsibilities:

  • You must report all newly hired employees to your State Directory of New Hires.
  • When you receive a valid Order/Notice to withhold income for child support for an employee, you must follow the terms and deduct the specified amount from each paycheck and remit to our office within 7 business days of the withholding.
  • Comply with the National Medical Support Notice and sign the children up for health insurance, if it is available.
  • You must provide the local child support agency with information about an employee, such as details regarding his/her earnings, current residence, health insurance, coverage, and report the termination of an employee whether the employee is fired, resigns, or is laid off.

Employer Benefits

When your company complies with child support laws, you are helping your business and the community in several ways.

  • By deducting for child and medical support obligations - More than 70% of child support collections sent to families come from income withholding.
  • By saving taxpayers' dollars - Child support collections reimburse public assistance spending and reduce government spending by increasing child support collections for families who would otherwise be forced to seek public assistance.
  • By preventing and reducing fraud - State agencies use new hire employment information to reduce overpayments in areas of public assistance, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and workers' compensation benefits.
  • By promoting a stable and reliable workforce - Employees whose children are provided consistent support will face less stress and be better able to focus on their jobs.
  • By encouraging a future skilled workforce - Providing financial stability through child support contributes to the education and training of a new generation of workers.

Useful Website Resources for Employers

Payment Options for Employers

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Pursuant to California Family Code §17309.5, if an employer pays taxes electronically to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or the Employment Development Department (EDD), then child support payments are required to be sent to the SDU using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Log in at California State Disbursement Unit to pay with a credit or debit card. 

Log in at ExpertPay to pay using your checking account.

Payments by Phone

Call 866-901-3212 and use your debit/credit card or bank account information.

Payments by Mail

If you cannot send electronic payments, all of your California withholdings can be included in a single check. The following information must be included for each employee in order to process the payment quickly and accurately:

  • Employees' full names
  • Employees' SSNs
  • Court order numbers / case numbers
  • Amount withheld from each employee
  • Date withheld

Child support payments, made payable to "CA State Disbursement Unit," should be mailed to:

CA State Disbursement Unit (SDU)
P.O. Box 989067
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9067

Employer General FAQs

For more information, visit the California Department of Child Support Services, Employer Resource Center and Employer General FAQs pages.