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Agendas and Minutes

(2011 and earlier)
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The Clerk of the Board performs a broad variety of duties, most of which are mandated by state regulations, including:

  • Ensure the transparency, integrity, and accessibility of the public record, and maintain same;
  • Facilitate the meetings of the Board of Supervisors by providing accurate and timely information to, for, and from the Board via the agenda, minutes, and other processes;
  • Clerk meetings;
  • Process Contracts/Agreements and other documents after Board approval;
  • Process public records requests;
  • Accept Claims against the County for processing;
  • Research issues when needed;
  • Administer the Assessment Appeals process;
  • Maintain Committees, Commissions and Boards information;
  • Provide administrative and/or technical support and assistance to the Board as needed;
  • Administering oaths of office for Board appointments.