Mariposa County Cemeteries

Public Cemetery Locations

Mariposa Cemetery

4979 Joe Howard Road
Mariposa, CA 95338

Mariposa Town Cemetery Committee:

                                          Appointed        Expires
Jenny Binning                     6-13-06           12-31-26

Bill Bondshu                       4-11-23            12-31-26

Nancy Cordero                   4-11-23            12-31-25

Rich Westfall                      4-11-23            12-31-25

Jean Dordan                      4-11-23            12-31-24

Map of Mariposa Town Cemetery

Coulterville Cemetery

Broadway and Cemetery Road
Coulterville, CA 95311


                                          Appointed        Expires
John Shimer                       10-23-07          12-31-22          

Catheys Valley Cemetery

Hornitos Road
Catheys Valley, CA 95306


                                          Appointed        Expires
Sandra Ziegenfuss             1-3-12               12-31-25
Judie Huffman                    1-12-03             12-31-25
Debbie Lester                     6-23-15             12-31-25


Cemetery FAQ's

Do I have to be a resident of Mariposa County to be placed in the Cemetery? Yes, you do need to reside within the town of the Cemetery you would like to be placed in.

Can I reserve a plot within the Cemetery? No, we do not currently take reservations of plots. Plots are assigned on an as needed basis.

How much does a plot in the Cemetery cost? There is no cost for a plot space. However, there may be outside costs for grave digging, headstones, coping etc. 

I am trying to locate a loved one within the cemetery. How can I find that information? The Mariposa Parks & Recreation office handles the record keeping for the three public cemeteries. You can come into the office or call 209-966-2498 and we would be happy to assist. 

How can I have a loved one placed in the cemetery? Contact the Parks & Recreation office for required documentation. Once required documentation has been obtained and reviewed, a plot will be assigned. Once the plot is assigned, you can move forward with coordinating the burial with the grave digger and Funeral Home.

What are the plot sizes? A casket plot size is 4 1/2 x 9 single, and a cremation plot size is 3 x 2. Cremains require 18 inches of dirt fill on top. Caskets require a grave liner (contact Funeral Home for more information). For both plot sizes, you can put any style of headstone or decor, as long as it remains within the plot dimensions. 

I am placing a loved one and would like to reserve the spot next to them for myself. Am I able to do so? No, we do not take reservations because of limited availability of plots. 

For information on the Public Cemeteries and/or how to reach a member of the Cemetery committees, please contact Mariposa Parks & Recreation at 209-966-2498.