What is the Difference between Serious and High Risk Offenders?
Generally, a "high-risk" sex offender is an individual convicted of multiple violent crimes, at least one of which was a violent sex crime. Additionally, at the time of the assessment, there must have been specified criminal activity within the past five years, not counting time in custody. The criteria for "high-risk" sex offenders is provided in Penal Code Section 290(n).

A "serious" sex offender is an individual convicted of at least one of the following charges: assault with intent to commit rape, oral copulation, or sodomy; rape; sodomy with a minor or by force; lewd or lascivious conduct with a child or a dependent adult; oral copulation with a minor by force; continuous sexual abuse of a child; child molestation; penetration with a foreign object by force; kidnapping with intent to commit specified sex offenses; felony sexual battery; felony enticement of a child for purposes of prostitution; abduction of a child for purposes of prostitution.

"Other" sex offenders are required to register, but are not subject to public disclosure under Megan's Law. This category usually involves misdemeanor convictions for such offenses as possession of child pornography, exhibitionism, sexual battery, incest or spousal rape. Additionally, sex offenders adjudicated in juvenile court are not subject to public disclosure.

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