How is the Grand Jury structured?
The presiding judge selects a foreperson for the Jury.

The foreperson then selects the foreman pro-tem, the recording and corresponding secretaries and a sergeant-at-arms.

Committees are then formed with each juror serving on several committees.

These committees include:

  • Administration and Audit Committee

  • County Services and Special Districts Committee

  • Continuity and Tracking Committee

  • Edit and Final Report Committee>/li>
  • Health, Education and Social Services Committee

  • Law, Justice and Public Safety Committee

  • Public Relations and Recruiting Committee

  • Complaint Review

These committees conduct the majority of the work concerning investigations. A general business meeting is held monthly with all Grand Jury members present to coordinate activity. Grand Jurors are a diverse volunteer group of citizens from all five County districts. A mix of ethnic, gender, age, and economic differences best serves the community.

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