What does the Grand Jury do?
The Grand Jury:

Will objectively investigate, audit, or examine all aspects of County government, and its cities, to ensure that these bodies are being effectively governed and that public monies are being judiciously handled.

May subpoena persons and / or records to obtain information on subjects under investigation.

Is sworn to complete confidentiality, as it pertains to complaints, witnesses, or content of investigative matters. They may not disclose any information they receive within the confines of the jury or the identity of anyone appearing before them, unless permission is given.

May conduct criminal hearings to hand down criminal indictments. After hearing evidence presented by the District Attorney’s office, an affirmative vote of at least 9 out of 11 jurors is necessary to indict. All hearings pertaining to criminal cases are conducted in complete secrecy regardless of their outcome.

The Grand Jury is empowered in Three Areas

1. The Grand Jury investigates aspects of county government’s functions and duties, county departments, county officials, service districts, and special districts funded in whole or in part by public monies.

2. The Grand Jury reviews criminal investigations and returns indictments for crimes committed in the county. When an indictment has been voted, the case proceeds through the Criminal Justice System.

3. The Grand Jury may bring formal accusations against public officials for willful misconduct or corruption in office. These accusations can lead to removal from office.

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