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The Midpines Planning Advisory Committee carefully selected five (5) topics for community conversation. Each one of these will be selected as a discussion "Topic For The Week" during the next five weeks, in the following order:

  • Economic Development, Housing and Community Character,
  • Cultural History and Community Character
  • Land Use Regulations
  • Fire Hazard
  • Open Space Management

A short list of questions will accompany each weekly topic, and typically every day a new "Question Of The Day"  from this list will be featured. Tune in for a different topic each week or new questions and related comments each day. As each new question is introduced, previous questions and comments will remain live for  review and any ongoing comment. 

Information links pertaining to the topic at hand are provided. Commenters are encouraged to include information links in their comments. Respectful, relevent and informative comments are honored.

For information regarding the Midpines Community Plan contact Brian Foucht, Mariposa Planning; (209) 742-1216 or email:

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