Transportation Planning


The Transportation Planning Division of Public Works is responsible to plan and secure funding for all Mariposa County Public Works transportation related projects.

This page presents links to county transportation related information.

                                      UNMET TRANSIT NEEDS

                               NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

 The Mariposa County Local Transportation Commission will hold a public hearing to take testimony regarding transportation needs within Mariposa County.  The hearing will be held on June 14, 2022, @ 9:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as possible, in the Board Chambers, Government Center, 5100 Bullion Street, Mariposa, CA.  

 Under the California Transportation Development Act, this hearing opportunity is provided annually to take testimony on potential unmet transit needs within the region.  The public, interested agencies, and community groups are encouraged to appear and state those transportation needs which they feel are not currently being met by existing transit services.  Testimony should be as specific as possible with regard to those citizens, or groups of citizens, not currently served by transit, the requested type and amount of transit service, the geographic area in which service is needed and any other supporting evidence that will help in the evaluation of the reasonable requested service. 

 Written comments will also be accepted and read into the record if received by June 1, 2022.  Please address written comments to the Local Transportation Commission, Mariposa County Department of Public Works, 4639 Ben Hur Road, Mariposa, CA, 95338.  Call (209) 966-5356 if you have any questions regarding this hearing or would like more information on the Commission’s adopted definitions of “unmet transit need” and “reasonable.” Jeannie Morvay-Clayton, Transportation Planning.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting please contact the Public Works Department at 209.9666.5356.




Persons interested in serving on the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) should submit a letter of interest to:

Mariposa County Local Transportation Commission

Attention: Jeannie Morvay-Clayton

4639 Ben Hur Road, Mariposa, CA  95338 


The SSTAC is a standing committee of the Mariposa County Local Transportation Commission (MCLTC) and typically meets twice a year.  The SSTAC advises the MCLTC and has the following responsibilities as per Section 99238 of the Public Utilities Code:


  1. Annually participate in the identification of transit needs in the jurisdiction, including unmet transit needs that may exist within the jurisdiction of the MCLTC, and that may be reasonable to meet by establishing or contracting for new public transportation or specialized transportation services or by expanding existing services.
  2. Annually review and recommend action by the MCLTC for the area within the jurisdiction of the MCLTC which finds by resolution, that (a) there are no new unmet transit needs, (b) there are no new unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet, (c) there are unmet transit needs, including needs that are reasonable to meet.
  3. Advise the MCLTC on any other major transit issues, including the coordination and consolidation of specialized transportation services.

 The SSTAC currently has the following vacancies:


Potential Transit User with a Disability

Potential Transit User 60 years of Age or Older

Social Services Transportation Provider

Social Services Provider for Seniors

Additional Members

SRTP Final report 2021

Overall Work Program 22/23

Bike / Pedestrian Final Plan:

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