Pesticide Use Enforcement

Pesticide Use Enforcement

The Pesticide Use Enforcement Division provides for the proper, safe, and efficient use of pesticides essential for production of food and fiber and for protection of the public health and safety. It also protects the environment from potentially harmful pesticides by prohibiting or regulating them or ensuring proper stewardship of pesticides. An important component of the program focuses on agricultural and pest control workers, ensuring safe working conditions, use of proper protective equipment and training for employees who work with or around pesticides. Other components of the program include pesticide use reporting, incident investigations, outreach activities promoting best management practices, and monitoring applications in the field.

What is a pesticide?

A pesticide is a substance which is used to do any of the following:
Kill, destroy, prevent, or repel any pest which may infest or be detrimental to man, animals or plants; Defoliate plants; Regulate plant growth. Pesticides are used as a spray adjuvant. Includes herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, germicides, etc.  

Pesticide Laws

If the chemical is used to do any of the above, it is a pesticide and all pesticide laws must be followed when handling, storing, or transporting the chemical. Restricted pesticides are subject to additional regulatory requirements. If you are not sure whether a chemical is a pesticide look for the EPA registration number. All pesticides have one. Or simply call your County Agricultural Commissioner's office.

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