Safety House

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To book the Safety House for public events contact 209-966-4330.

About the House

The Mariposa County Fire Department is pleased to offer the Fire Safety House to deliver fire and life safety education services within the County of Mariposa. The risk of fire with its potential for injury and death for children was demonstrated on December 14, 1999, when we suffered our most recent fatality of a child due to fire. In addition, the mother succumbed to the products of fire while attempting to reach her four-year old boy. 

Significant collateral psychological damage to the firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and other service agencies that were present or involved with the fire were attributed to this tragedy. This loss was not the first in the history of the County but hopefully the last. We believe strongly in public education and in the education of children and their parents in exit planning and drills, fire safety such as hazard identification and mitigation, the use of smoke detectors and proper use of fire as a tool.

Prevention & Self Sufficiency

The Mariposa County Fire Department Safety House is a public education tool that graphically demonstrates how the public should prepare and react in the event of a fire. It serves as an aid to minimize the chance of injuries and prevent loss of life and property. The Fire Safety Trailer staff show people how to identify fire hazards, how to take preventive measures, and how to implement emergency preparedness. 

It also demonstrates how to safely escape during a fire and access the 911 emergency system. Collaboration with the Mariposa County Sheriff, USFS, CAL FIRE, YNP, BLM, John C. Fremont Hospital and other agencies in the use of this platform can only serve to enhance the message and education in the areas of public safety and particularly the children.