Easy Smart Pay

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Are you having troubles paying your annual property taxes in two installments?
Would it help you to pay in monthly payments? 

Unfortunately, our computer systems cannot accept payments for more than the two installments each year. However, there may be other solutions to consider:

Call your lender and get set up on an impound account. Many times, you can adjust your monthly mortgage payments through your lender to include your yearly property taxes. These amounts are added as part of your mortgage payment and then paid by your lender directly to our office on the required dates. Banks will do this at no cost to you. 

Set up an account with your bank. Open a savings account with your bank. To your current taxes, add about 3% to allow for rising valuations and voter approved measures. Divide that amount by 12 and put that amount into an interest earning account each month. You can then use this account to pay for your property tax payments when due. There could be no cost to you, and you can also make a little interest as the money sits. 

Use a service like Easy Smart Pay. This is a new service that you can use to pay your current secured property tax monthly via an ACH payment or a credit card (does not apply to delinquent or supplemental property taxes). The fee currently being charged is 1.99%. This rate is subject to change, and it is provided by an outside vendor to facilitate your payment should you be unable to pay the taxes in two installments. When taxes are due and if you have paid the total amount due over this period, they will forward the payment to us on your behalf. THIS SERVICE IS ENDORCED BY US BUT IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH MARIPOSA COUNTY. EASY SMART PAY can be accessed here: https://easysmartpay.net/mariposa-ca 

Regardless of what option you choose, please remember the due dates are still November 1st, delinquent after December 10th and February 1st, delinquent after April 10th. These dates apply to regular secured property taxes, not supplemental property taxes. 

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