View or Pay Taxes Online

You may view your tax bill and, if desired, make your property tax payment using a credit card, debit card, or E-Check.


To use the search feature, you must have your 12 digit Assessment Number, 12 digit Fee Parcel number, or property address. Enter the information into the appropriate box and click the "Submit" button. If you are searching by Assessment Number, only that assessment will appear. If you wish to view all tax bills associated with the parcel (i.e. secured and supplemental), searching by Fee Parcel will bring up all tax bills associated with the parcel. When searching Unsecured taxes (i.e. boats, mining claims, businesses etc.) search by assessment number. When the assessment you are inquiring about appears on the next screen, click on it and the tax information will be displayed. 

Convenience Fees:

  • E-Check – No convenience fee (FREE)
  • Credit Card – 2.5% of paid taxes ($2.50 minimum fee)
  • Debit Card – 1% of paid taxes 

If you pay your taxes on-line, a convenience fee is charged in addition to the property tax amount paid. The credit card convenience fee is 2.5% of paid taxes. Debit card convenience fee is 1% of paid taxes. There will be no fee charged for e-checks.

All convenience fees are payable to our credit card vendor, not the County of Mariposa. The County of Mariposa contracts with a third-party vendor to accept credit card, debit card, and e-check payments on our behalf over the internet. The vendor is bonded and partnered with the major credit card companies. Your transaction is securely guarded, and county personnel do not have access to your personal card or banking information. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When searching for property taxes by fee parcel number, results may include unsecured property tax bills that may or may not be owing by the property owner. If you need to identify the assessee responsible for a bill, please call (209) 966-2621 or email The Tax Collector's Office is not responsible for payments made on the wrong property. 

Returned Payments:

  • A $15 processing fee will be added to any returned payments. This includes, but is not limited to, incorrect account information submitted during payment, non-sufficient funds and submitting account information for closed accounts.
  • If the payment is returned after the due date additional tax penalties may apply.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive a transaction number at the end of your transaction, your transaction may not have been successful. The payment site is updated in real-time; you can always navigate back and confirm the Paid Status is "PAID."


This service has been provided to allow easy access to Mariposa County Tax Collector information. A reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data provided; nevertheless, some information may be out of date or may not be accurate. The County of Mariposa assumes no responsibility arising from the use of this information. Associated data are provided without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Any resale of this information is prohibited. 

Users of this service assume responsibility to enter the correct bank information. If the routing number, account number, or account holder's name is incorrectly entered or if the account does not contain sufficient funds for settlement, a transaction number will be issued; however, the transaction cannot be successfully completed. Not all accounts are appropriate for electronic payments. Check with your financial institution before submitting a payment. Although a transaction number is issued, if the transaction fails for any reason, it will not be re-deposited, and a return fee will apply. If the payment is returned after the delinquent date, the Tax Collector MUST also charge the penalties required by law. 

The Tax Collector does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of websites. If payment is not received by the delinquent date, the taxpayer is responsible for penalties required by law. No owner information is provided online. The Tax Collector's Office is not responsible for payments made on the wrong property.   


For questions or problems, please call the Tax Collector's Office at (209) 966-2621 or email