Private Applicator

operatorPrivate Applicators Certificate (FAC 14090)

Gowers/property owners who plan to use Federally or California Restricted Materials and/or to train employees in the safe use of pesticides must have a State Qualified Applicator license (QAL/QAC/PCA) or a Private Applicator Certificate card (PAC).  

  • The Private Applicator Certificate card qualifies the grower/owner or employee (under the direction of employer) to use restricted materials on the owned, rented, or leased property.  
  • The PAC card holder (owner, grower, employer, or employee) is also qualified to train and supervise employees in the use of pesticides.  Private Applicator Certificate card holders may NEVER be used to preform work for hire.
  • Employees who are PAC card holders are exempt from pesticide training requirements (however, employer documented Pesticide Specific Training is recommended).  

To obtain a Private Applicators Certificate card (3CCR 6580)

  • Applicators must pass a multiple-choice test given by the County Agriculture Commissioner. Contact the County Agriculture Commissioner’s office to schedule an appointment to take the Private Applicators Certificate exam.
  • Private Applicators Certificate cards are valid for a maximum of three years.  Any Private Applicator Certificate card that is issued for less than the full three-year period Continuing Education renewal hours will be prorated.  Cards expire according to alphabetical groupings as followed below:


Last Name Beginning A-H

Last Name Beginning I-O

Last Name Beginning P-Z

December 31, 2021, 2024, etc.

December 31, 2022, 2025, etc.

December 31, 2023, 2026, etc.


Private Applicators Certificate cards can be renewed in one of two ways (3CCR 6582)

  1. Retaking the Private Applicator Certificate Exam every three years.
  2. Obtaining at least 6 hours of DPR Approved Continuing Education (2 of Laws and Regs) while your PAC is still VALID.