Operator ID/ Restricted Materials Permit

Operator Identification VS Restricted Materials (Pesticide Permits)

 If a homeowner is purchasing pesticides for the purpose of controlling pests at their residence or garden pests (only if no food or feed commodities will be treated and sold, distributed, or feed to animals that will be sold) the homeowner does NOT need to retain an Operator Identification Number.  Pesticides should be purchased in low volume containers over the counter (typically containers less than 1- gallon).

Operator Identification Number (Non-Restricted Materials) (3CCR 6622)

Any person who uses a pesticide to produce an agricultural commodity purchasing pesticides from a Pest Control Dealer must obtain an operator identification number from the Agriculture Commissioner of each county where the non-restricted material will be used.   Growers do not need to be certified applicators to apply non-restricted materials. All applications of non-restricted materials, including sulfur, must complete and submit a Pesticide Use Report to the County Agricultural Commissioner’s office. The operator must keep a copy of the Operator Id and all Pesticide Use Reports for two years.

Restricted Materials Permit

Some pesticides are more hazardous than other, even when the pesticide is used correctly according to the label.  Both the Federal and California government has restricted materials for public use. (3CCR 6412)

  • Growers/property owners must be a Certified Applicator to apply a Federally or California Restricted Material.  Private Applicators Certificates are issued through the County Agricultural Commissioner’s office.  (FAC 14090)
  • Prior to the purchase or use of a Federally or California restricted material the grower/property owner must obtain a Restricted Materials Permit from the County Agriculture Commissioner’s office.  The permit will list each Restricted Material the grower/owner plans to use.  Site identification numbers will be assigned for each location where applications will be performed. (FAC 14090)
  • Restricted Materials Permit holders must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the County Agricultural Commissioner 24 hours PRIOR to applications of restricted materials.   Notice of Intents allow the county biologists to verify the application rate and method of application of the restricted material.  This review is intended to provide an addition margin of safety for workers, public, environment, and surrounding crops.  The NOI can be submitted through CalAgPermits, over the phone, or in person.  If your NOI is declined the County Agricultural Commissioner will notify you. (3CCR 6434)
  • Once the NOI has been approved the application of the restricted material must begin at the proposed time.  A four-day window is given from the date indicated on the NOI ONLY if there are unforeseen events that prohibit the application at the original date and time.   If the application is not started within the 4-day period, the NOI must be extended or canceled by contacting our office. (3CCR 6412)

All applications of restricted materials must complete and submit a Pesticide Use Report to the County Agricultural Commissioner’s office (see Pesticide Use Reports and Recordkeeping section