Commercial Livestock Pass

The purpose of the livestock pass program is to provide a uniform way of identifying vetted commercial livestock producer owner-operators and managers to firefighting personnel, California Highway Patrol officers, Sheriff’s deputies, other law enforcement officers, and other emergency personnel. Possession of a Livestock Pass during a wildfire or a similar disaster MAY (if conditions permit) allow the rancher limited emergency access to restricted areas for the purposes of:

1) Feed, water, or care for livestock sheltering in-place or

2) Evacuate livestock

Commercial Livestock Pass Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Should I Get a Commercial Livestock Pass?

A: Commercial Livestock Pass are intended for commercial producers who have 25 head or more of a single species of animal.  

Q: What are the Benefits of Commercial Livestock Pass?

A: By obtaining a Commercial Livestock Pass we hope to be able to notify Pass Holders of possible emergencies in the area, so they may have time to evacuate livestock prior to a disaster. In addition, having a Commercial Livestock Pass will also help Pass holders to gain access to livestock after a disaster has occurred.  

Q: Am I required to attend training in order to obtain a Commercial Livestock Pass?

A: Yes, you will need to attend training in addition to providing a complete Commercial Livestock Pass Application. A training Video is available to watch by appointment at the Mariposa Department of Agriculture office. Appointments can be arranged though the office.

Q: Will pass holders need to attend training every year in order to keep their Commercial Livestock Pass valid?

A: Yes. As of now four hours of training is required in order to obtain or retain a Commercial Livestock Pass. This may change in the future as the program develops. 

Q: I have questions about filling out Commercial Livestock Pass Application and providing documentation who can I contact?

A: Please feel free to Contact the Mariposa County Department of Agriculture any questions or concerns.

Q: Do I need to provide maps and other documentation requested on Commercial Livestock Pass Application?

A: Owners and managers of livestock must provide maps and proper documentation with their Commercial Livestock Pass Application. Managerial Employees / Operators do not need to submit documentation with their application if owners or managers have provided required documentation with their application. 

Q: I am a Commercial Livestock Pass holder; Can I enter a disaster area at anytime to access or care for my livestock?

A: No, you must first contact the Mariposa County Ag Department. We will then contact Operations of Emergency Services (OES) to confirm if the area is safe for entry. If conditions permit entry, we will set up a meeting location with you and provide an escort to your property. 

Q: If I have people coming with me to assist in the care of my livestock do, they need to be Commercial Livestock Pass holder as well?

A: No, if there is one Commercial Livestock Pass Holder in the Vehicle, passengers will be allowed to enter with the Pass Holder. However, Passengers going to assist must be 18 years of age or older. Passengers 17 and under are not allowed in evacuation areas.

Q: If I have Commercial Livestock trucks coming to assist with the evacuation of my livestock, will they be granted access without a Commercial Livestock Pass?

A: Yes, if you have commercial trucks coming in to assist with transportation, please communicate the name of truck/company to the Mariposa Department of Agriculture when making entry arrangements and we will notify OES.

Q: In the event of an emergency can I contact the Sheriff’s Office or Calfire regarding my Commercial Livestock Pass for entry to my livestock?

A: No, the Sheriff’s Office and Calfire will not be able to assist you with the Commercial Livestock Pass. The Mariposa Department of Agriculture houses all the Commercial Livestock Pass documentation and will be in communication with the local Operations of Emergency Services (OES).