Agricultural Statistics- Crop Reports

What is the Crop Report:

Annually each county in California prepares a report detailing the gross value and production of agricultural commodities grown within their county as required by the California Food and Agricultural Code § 2279. These reports provide a statistical description of the county's agricultural production and highlight some of the important issues the agricultural industry is facing. Values in the reports are gross values of commodities and do not reflect production costs or profits. The Agricultural Commissioner's office appreciates the agricultural producers, industry representatives and public agencies that provide data annually for these reports.

FAC § 2279.  The commissioner shall compile reports of the condition, acreage, production, and value of the agricultural products in his county. The commissioner may publish such reports and shall transmit a copy of them to the director.

(Enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15.)


Why it is important:

The annual crop report is used by many businesses and financial institutions for decision-making, market strategies, and background information. State and local governments use the data for planning and policy direction. It serves as a public relations tool for county agricultural operations – demonstrating their value, contribution, and importance to the economy of Mariposa County.  It also can be used as a benchmark for the calculation of the percentage of loss due to drought or other factors for federal and state disaster assistance programs.

Agricultural Statistics Reports: