Conviction Review

Post Conviction Review Unit

Mission Statement

The prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system is to vigorously and ethically prosecute those who violate the law and to protect the innocent. To that end, prosecutors have a duty to seek the truth before, during, and after conviction.

Continuing the Mariposa County District Attorney’s Office tradition of assuring post-conviction justice, the Conviction Review Personnel examine post-conviction claims of innocence where credible and verifiable evidence of innocence exists or new technologies exist to test or retest remaining evidence.

Conviction Review Personnel are committed to the highest standard of professional integrity, expeditious and thorough review of post-conviction cases, prevention of wrongful convictions, and working collaboratively with all criminal justice partners, including those who seek exoneration of the wrongfully convicted.

Application Requirements:

In order for the Conviction Review Personnel to conduct a preliminary review of a conviction, defendants making a claim of innocence must meet the following prerequisites:

• The conviction must have occurred in Mariposa County Superior Court;

• Applicant must still be in custody, serving time on the sentence for which he/she was convicted;

• The conviction must be for a violent and/or serious felony as defined by Penal Code sections 667.5 (c) and 1192.7 (c) (1)-(24) (e.g. murder, rape, robbery, etc.)

• The application for review must be based on credible and verifiable evidence of innocence; and

• Applicant agrees to fully cooperate with the District Attorney’s Office, which includes providing disclosures of all relevant information during the review process.

The Conviction Review will not consider requests for resentencing.

Information Needed

Applicants or their representative must complete the form below to make a conviction review request (you may use additional pages if needed):

Conviction Review Application Form (You may alternatively use the fillable PDF, save it to your computer and send it as an attachment in an email.)

This may require you to get the latest version of Adobe Reader from (