Water Agency Advisory Board

The purpose of the Water Agency Advisory Board is to recommend to the Water Agency Board of Directors the terms of any loan to be considered; investigate any grant and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Water Agency with respect to the MID Water Funds and FERC relicensing process and surface and groundwater issues. (see Mariposa County Water Agency Act (Chapter 2036, Statutes of 1959) as amended by Chapter 638, Statutes of 1977 for detailed information)

SETTLEMENT CONTRACTS AND AGREEMENTS                                 

March, 1960

Agreement between Merced Irrigation District and the County of Mariposa for settlement of Water Dispute


August, 1990   

A contract between the Merced Irrigation District and the County of Mariposa for a Water Supply


October, 2017 

Settlement Agreement, mutual release, and amendments and restatement of earlier agreements between the Merced Irrigation District and the County of Mariposa


October, 2017 

Agreement modifying the settlement agreement between the Merced Irrigation Agreement and the County of Mariposa concerning potential regulatory impacts of proposed settlement agreement


August, 2021

Presentation to the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors regarding the status of the Settlement Agreement with the Merced Irrigation District (Water Agency Advisory Board)




May, 1972

Comprehensive Area-wide Water and Sewer Plan

McCreary-Koretsky International, Inc.

January, 1978

Mariposa Basin Water Supply Study: Population and Water Demand

Moldenhauer, Bennet & Co.

February, 1978

Mariposa Basin Water Supply Study: Alternative     Water and Sewer Feasibility Study     

Moldenhauer, Bennet & Co.

June, 1978

Mariposa Basin Water Supply Study

Moldenhauer, Bennet & Co.

June, 1978

Mariposa Basin Water Supply Study: Maps

Moldenhauer, Bennet & Co.

August, 1978

Mariposa Basin Water Supply Study: 

Financial Feasibility

Planning Department            


Mariposa County Water Agency Handbook

Planning Department

February, 1988

Mariposa County Water Supply Feasibility Study   

Tudor Engineering

July, 2014

Yosemite-Mariposa Integrated Regional Water  Management Plan   (IRWMP)  Projects List     

Kennedy-Jenks Engineering

June 24, 2022
Feasibility Study RFP
Mariposa County Engineer
March 7, 2023
Black Water Eng. Feasibility Project - MID
Black Water Engineering



July, 1979

South Fork Merced River Wild Trout management plan     

Department of Fish and Game

July, 1991

Yosemite National Park - Merced River habitat

typing, underwater fish observations and habitat restoration recommendations

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Biology, habitat and water quality conditions in the upper Merced River drainage in Yosemite National Park, California 1993-1996     

U.S. Geological Services          


Merced River Corridor Plan Baseline Studies:


April 2001

Volume I: Identification of social, institutional and 

infrastructural opportunities and constraints

Stillwater Sciences


Volume II: Geomorphic and riparian vegetation

 investigations report


Merced River Alliance Project

 April, 2007

Interim biological monitoring and assessment report

 Stillwater Sciences

September, 2008

Volume I: Project overview, outreach and education



Volume II: Biological monitoring and assessment



Volume ii-A: Appendices


July, 2014

Recovery plan for the evolutionary significant units of the Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon and the central valley spring-run Chinook salmon and the DPS of California central valley steelhead

National Marine Fisheries Service



Appendix A: central valley watershed profiles


December, 2015

You can’t unscramble an egg: population genetic structure of O. mykiss

Pearse and Garza


December, 2015

Final environmental impact statement for hydrological license for the Merced River hydrological project and Merced Falls hydrological project

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Ancestry and adaptation of rainbow trout in Yosemite National Park

Pearse and Campbell


USGS Mojave River Basin Groundwater