2021  Resolutions

2021-001, 2021-002 & 2021-003 Selection of Chair and Vice Chair for the Planning Commission for 2021

2021-004 A Resolution approving Conditional Use Permit No. 2020-142 and Historic Design Review No. 2020-143; Habitat for Humanity of Mariposa County, applicant, Assessor's Parcel Number 013-130-055 & 058

2021-005 A resolution recommending approval of General Plan/Area Plan/Zoning Amendment No. 2020-167, finding that the updated design review submittal is in substantial conformance with Design Review No. 2019-035, and approving amended conditions for Design Review No. 2019-035; Self Help Enterprises, applicant. Assessor Parcel Number 012-140-024 and portions of 012-140-023 (legal with 012-140-022).

2021-006 A resolution recommending that the Board of Supervisors accept the 2020 General Plan Annual Report and approve the 2021 Schedule of General Plan Amendments, County Project No. 2021-015

2021-007 A resolution conditionally approving Variance Application No. 2021-008, Eric Desplinter, Applicant, Eric Desplinter/Karen Ziebarth, Owners; Assessor Parcel Number 010-373-004.

2021-008 A resolution approving Time Extension Application No. 2021-027. Lemuel Bryce Green and Alma N. Green, applicants. Assessor Parcel Number 011-310-022

2021-009 A resolution Adopting a Mitigated Negative Declaration and Approving Land Division Application No. 2021-138 with Findings, Conditions and Mitigation Measure. Freeman & Seaman Land Surveyors, Agent; Jorge and Silvia Garcia, Applicants; Assessor Parcel Number 020-280-013, 2906 Ranchito Drive, La Grange

2021-010 A Resolution Recommending that the Board of Supervisors approve General Plan/Zoning Amendment No. 2017-084 to Add Policies, Permitting Provisions and Development Standards for Special Event Facilities in Rural Areas

2021-011 A resolution approving Time Extension Application No. 2021-057 for the Mariposa Biomass Project Conditional Use Permit No. 2017-117 Mariposa Biomass Project, Jay Johnson, applicant, Assessor Parcel Number 012-050-066 and 012-050-067

2021-012 A resolution amending conditions of approval for Design Review No. 2019-035; Creekside Terrace, Self-Help Enterprises, Assessor Parcel Number 012-140-024

2021-013 A resolution recommending the Board of Supervisors approve General Plan/Area Plan/Zoning Amendment No. 2020-056 with Findings and Conditions, Including the Finding that the Project is Exempt from Environmental Review. MACT Health Board Inc., applicant. Assessor Parcel Numbers 013-020-003, 013-020-034, and 013-020-036