Brown Bear Hotel Conference Center & Multi-Family Housing Project


The project is a new Design Review that seeks to amend the design of the hotel and conference center component of the Brown Bear Lodge and Conference Center and Multi-Family Housing Project to be located in the community of Mariposa. The project, processed as General Plan/Specific Plan/Zoning Map Amendment (GP/SPZA No. 2019-036) and Design Review (DR No. 2020-008), was approved by the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors on December 8, 2020. (See below "Original Project" Information.) Original project approval documents and site plan, including the Mitigated Negative Declaration, can be found the links below.

 NEW (Amended) Project

The Brown Bear Hotel and Conference Center was originally to be located in a single structure.  The amended project proposes construction of sleeping accommodations for 5 to 6 individuals in 50 separate buildings.  The cabins would accommodate up to 300 guests.  The remaining components of the project, i.e. lobby/lounge, restaurant, conference center, and fitness center, would be located in a single structure.   Parking for the project would be significantly altered due to the dispersion of overnight accommodations.

The overnight accommodations proposed by this amended project will have the effect of reducing the number of guests that would be on-site at any given time.

Additional information may be found here: BROWN BEAR NEW (AMENDED) PROJECT DOCUMENTS

Project Review and Application Processing

As the project application moves forward in the review process, updates will be posted here on this web page.

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Planner Contacts:

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Original (APPROVED) PROJECT Information:

The Brown Bear Hotel, Conference Center and Multi Family Housing Project involves two land use/entitlement actions: A General Plan/ Specific Plan Land Use and Zoning Amendment, a Design Review and an environmental determination pursuant to to the California Environmental Quality Act. 

General Plan/Specific Plan/Zoning Amendment 2019-216
The project proposed a change in the General Plan and Specific Plan (Mariposa Town Planning Area) land use and zoning designation for all of a 7.02-acre parcel (APN 013-050-060) and a portion (0.18± acre) of a split zoned 0.39-acre parcel (APN 013-050-059) from Multi-Family residential to General Commercial in order to develop a 132,000 square foot hotel/conference center project.  APNs 013-050-009, 057 and the majority of 013-050-059 are currently in the General Commercial zone.  Upon approval of the amendment, land in the General Commercial zone would total 11.2 acres. 
Design Review 2020-008
The project is located in the Design Review Overlay District and will be subject to the design review standards contained in the Mariposa Town Planning Area Specific Plan.  Subject to design review will be the hotel and conference center to be located on existing APNs 013-050-009, 057, 059, and 060.  
The Hotel & Conference  Center was proposed at 130,743 +/- sq. ft., consisting of 180  rooms; a 5,300+/- sq. ft. conference center with a seating capacity of 250; an 1,800+/- sq. ft. restaurant with a seating capacity of 122; a 1,125+/- sq. ft. lobby lounge; a 420 sq. ft.+/- fitness center; outdoor pool; garden area; outdoor wedding venue; an outdoor barbecue area with parking areas to serve the site.
The multi-family residential project located adjacent to the hotel/conference center to the east and will consist of three story multi-family housing buildings targeting living wage renters containing 96 residential units with parking areas to serve the project. That portion of the project will be located on existing APNs 013-050 and 013-071-003. 
The project proposes take primary access from Brown Bear Lane, which intersects with Highway 49N, and an additional ingress/egress point off of Highway 49N roughly 280 feet to the southeast of Brown Bear Lane.  
The total project site is 17.97+/- acres.
Applicant: MRCC Properties, LLC; Sierra Trail Homes, LLC; and Richard Roesch

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
The project required an environmental determination and a Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration pursuant to CEQA is proposed for the project. The Mitigated negative Declaration document includes all studies and background documentation for the project for  the CEQA determination.
The public review period for the CEQA document ended on July 30, 2020, however, the CEQA document may be found here.




For any questions please let us know!

Planner Contacts:

Steve Engfer, Planning Director, Email:

With the exception of the confidential cultural resources survey, all of the documents cited and relied upon in the preparation of this initial study are available at the Mariposa County Planning Department, 5100 Bullion Street, Mariposa, CA 95338 (209) 966-5151.