Housing Services and Support


Housing Services and Support (HSS) seeks to identify and assist those individuals and families residing within the county who are currently, or are in imminent danger of, becoming homeless to provide housing opportunities and/or support services for such persons. We seek to serve those residing in both unsheltered as well as substandard sheltered living environments. We also assist in sustaining long term housing placement through linkage and referral to various available support services including individual case management. We work closely with other community partners in seeking the best possible housing outcomes available.

How can I find out more?

Please contact Katie Cotter, Social Worker Supervisor I, at 209-966-2000.

new: housing & Homelessness webpage 

The Housing & Homelessness Updates page includes updates on the status of the current shelter and information regarding homelessness in Mariposa County. This webpage will be the County’s official source for news on housing and homelessness.

Annual "Homeless Point in Time" Count: Volunteers Needed for 2019


Housing Services and Support