Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program (MCR)

Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program

Unincorporated Mariposa County


The purpose of this program is to meet the requirements of AB 341 (Chesbro), the Mandatory Commercial Recycling (MCR) law, and to promote the recycling and diversion of solid waste and establish the requirements for recycling of materials generated by the commercial sector.


The definition of “commercial” means any business or public entity, including schools and non-profits, that generates four cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week, or a multi- family residential dwelling of five units or more, regardless of the amount of commercial solid waste generated.

Mariposa County MCR Program

Initial Education and Outreach

The County shall inform applicable businesses, public entities and multifamily complexes annually about AB 341, and provide specific about recycling programs in their community. This outreach will occur through all the following means:

Print Materials

A flyer will be included in the January 2017 bill for all self-haulers within the county. Applicable self-haulers without billing accounts will be provided flyers directly by gate attendees, beginning January 2017. Franchisees will include flyers in their January 2017 bills to any applicable entity.


During January 2017, the County will place information on their Solid Waste website about AB 341 and how businesses and multifamily complexes can recycle in their community.

Direct Contact

The County will distribute flyers through the county’s Regional Planning Advisory Committees (RPAC) to inform local citizens about the state law. RPACs are advertised, regularly held community meetings, usually attended by the local County Supervisor. Staff will be available to provide additional information to these groups upon request.


Following initial education and outreach, the program will be monitored through the following methods

Identification of Applicable Entities

Through observation by landfill gate attendants, self-haulers of more than 4 cubic yards of waste per week will be identified. County franchisees will provide lists of businesses that generate more than 4 cubic yards per week. The County Assessor’s office will be contacted to generate a report of all multi- family complexes of more than 4 units.

Survey of Applicable Entities

Identified entities will be forwarded a survey in January 2013 requesting information on their recycling programs, and how the county system might be improved to enhance their recycling efforts.

Random Compliance Checks

County staff will conduct random checks of the identified entities to ensure the programs described in the survey are in fact being conducted.

These checks will be conducted beginning in July 2017, and in July of each following year.

Compliance Letters

If an entity is observed to trigger the AB 341 threshold, but has not instituted a recycling plan or is not following the plan as reported in the survey, they will be sent a compliance letter informing them that they are not complying with AB 341.

Compliance letters will be retained for future monitoring efforts.


Mariposa County unincorporated will report to CalRecycle annually in the EAR on program updates, such as number of participating businesses, and number of businesses out of compliance.