Consumer Protection


  • Apiary Inspection
  • Egg Enforcement
  • Fruit & Vegetable Quality Control
    • Certified Producers and Farmers Markets
    • Roadside Stands
  • Nursery Inspection
  • Seed Inspection

Weights & Measures

Trade and commerce have been the foundation of every civilization. No society can develop and prosper without its citizens conducting business transactions. No transaction can be conducted to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved unless each is assured the other is fair and honest. The basis of fair and honest trade is, and always has, rested on the use of accurate weights and measures.

Weights and Measures

The Department’s Weights and Measures Division is responsible for local enforcement of California Weights and Measures laws and regulations. These laws and regulations were established to provide for a fair and equitable marketplace. The Division performs field activities in the following Weights and Measures programs:

  • Petroleum
  • Quantity Control
  • Service Agents
  • Weighing & Measuring Devices
  • Weighmaster